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Everyone commenting on how dumb this clearly has not seen their magnum opus “Replacing MOTOR OIL with GASOLINE”.

We should have been more precise in our language around the Delica and ‘mini-trucks,’ but regardless, the underlying statute is what is being followed.”” Read more

For Japan, you do really need someone on that end to handle all the stuff Japan requires before it leaves the country. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an importer service if you have a contact over there that’s willing to help. I did it twice with just the help of a friend. Importing from Europe or elsewhere, the Read more

How does A1 Escort Services appear on your credit card statement?

I would suggest being careful when hiring an ‘escort’ to help you with this transaction

Just don’t forget that getting the vehicle in your hands isn’t the end of the saga.   Licensing and registration can be a whole other can of worms, depending on which state you’re in.

Needs an appropriate hairstyle.

I bought a MaxiPro so I could add a key to my wifes Jeep. If you don’t have two functional fobs you can’t add one more for some silly reason. This helped me add it as well as sniff around issues in my other cars. It’s nice even though it’s terribly unintuitive and godawful expensive. Even if you suck it up and pay the Read more

“Both planes will be towed out of the environment for repairs.” Read more

Gotta use the chocks. For safety.

I don’t ride but the video was really interesting. I will say it is a good thing the replacement canisters are cheap. I could see myself getting off a motorcycle and forgetting to unclip myself.

FortNine does a great everything lol his videos are fantastic.

The Helite Turtle works very similar to the Wish knock-off but inflates much faster and much more thoroughly. FortNine does a great video on airbag vests and jacket and how various ones work.  

I was just in a debilitating motorcycle accident a few weeks ago (someone cut in front of me really close, I hit the brakes and high-sided), and though my armored jacket and helmet saved my life my back is really messed up so I’m looking at airbag jackets for when I start riding again. Read more

Tangent:  Can we talk about the tortured path of the air intake on that engine?! Good grief that looks inefficient and has to kill power.  What was that Ford engineer thinking?  I know packaging constraints under that little hood but come on...

Counterpoint: hanging mugs off of open-loop rings is one sharp turn away from disaster.  

I admit, I use a C-clamp still for most normal single or dual piston calipers. Read more