Robb Holland
Pro Race Car driver, former Pikes Peak Hillclimb record holder, 1st American to compete in the FIA World Touring Car Championships, British Touring Car Championships
4/21/21 3:22PM

The ICE engine will still be there, but I think there is a good chance it will be supplemented with hybrid power like the LaFerrari, NSX, McLaren, etc. This could be the last one with pure all-motor power.

4/21/21 3:03AM

I dunno - seems pretty sharky to me...

3/24/21 10:35AM

So it drew a dick, then got stuck in the mouth of the Suez and there aren’t enough seamen with enough thrust to push it out. And the longer it’s in there, the more screwed we are...

3/20/21 1:18AM

Oh good. Now I know Bradley is wrong. Hi Robb!

1/13/21 2:26PM

I’ve posted about this before, but as a native of a NYC suburb in New Jersey, the nation’s seeming inability to immediately see Trump for what he is - an attention craving thug and conman with terrible taste and even worse business sense - has been mind boggling. He has been a punchline since I could remember. As a Read more

12/28/20 4:57PM

Motherfucker, PLEASE. The book isn’t anti-autonomous cars at all. I fucking WISH writing anti-Tesla articles made one tiny bit of difference on book sales. It doesn’t. And I’m not anti-Tesla. But if this is your reaction to this story, perhaps you should seek out your clergyperson or a trusted relative. Maybe a Read more

11/15/20 3:49PM

Formula E has never run at Laguna Seca, but I 100% guarantee you a Spark SRT05E could beat a 1:30 there. FE doesn’t really run on any tracks with other series, so a direct comparison isn’t really possible, but based on the times they turned at Marrakech in comparison to the FIA TCR cars that also ran there, Formula E Read more

10/27/20 10:22PM

Welcome Lawrence! Enjoyed reading your stuff over at Oppo looking forward to seeing what you can do over here

9/08/20 4:13PM

Yeah, looking at that road, it reminds me of some areas around town where I live. In the summer, any time the trucks stop at a light they leave dips in the pavement. It’s difficult going over those areas at 25 mph in a road car.  Add in that this hill climb is done up a mountain and some of the drop offs, you could Read more

9/02/20 9:57PM

That’s why I said cradle point. It’s a cheap box that can use up to 3 cellular networks and can stream all that data, even up there. It under a grand to get all set up.

8/29/20 3:08PM

Funny how people get up in arms when the Black driver doesn’t strike… and then say nothing about any of the others. If Black people could’ve solved racism on their own, we wouldn’t fucking be here now would we?