Robb Holland
Pro Race Car driver, former Pikes Peak Hillclimb record holder, 1st American to compete in the FIA World Touring Car Championships, British Touring Car Championships
4/30/21 9:53PM

Thanks for the offer. Keep reading for now and we will see what we can do to bring interested parties on board to help

4/30/21 9:44PM

Sorry thats just the link for tomorrow’s race. is the link to all of the SRO videos. Just search for GT America Sonoma

4/30/21 9:33PM

Absolutely. I have spent plenty of time in the amateur side of things and fully understand that things are bad at all levels. This is one of the thing we want to work on with our program. Attracting the best from the amateur ranks and help them move up the ladder

4/30/21 9:29PM

You’re exactly the type of guy we would hope to attract to thee program and motorsports in general

4/21/21 9:41AM

Bingo. My point (clearly not well made) was that the new GT3 is not only substantially better than the last gen GT3, it’s better/ faster than the last gen GT3RS as well.

2/28/21 11:49AM

Great stuff Elizabeth. Thanks for this and all the posts you’ve done on the subject.

1/30/21 3:20PM

The FIA rating system is a joke and isn’t really indicative of a drivers skill or experience. I’m a bronze along with James Clay, David Donohue (ex works Porsche driver and son of Mark), Memo Gidley, Bryan Herta, Anthony Lazzaro, and Oz Negri Jr. Oh and Andy Pilgrim (multi time Le Mans winner ex- factory Corvette). Read more