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We got there in the end! A slightly optimistic owner and the usually need to translate everything into old fashioned numbers caught me out there - thanks for spotting! Read more

If that’s the case, I must be a ground dwelling sucker that doesn’t get it as well!  Read more

We had a mid-point Taco Bell stop, does that count as sketchy?  Read more

There’s a 330e wagon that I tried to get a hold of when I was last in Europe and, honestly, I think something like that would be the dream! Read more

That’s a fair assessment, but I do think there are people who could live with the lower EV range on the daily. Then they’d also not be too stressed the one time a month they need to go for a longer drive, thanks to the included gas tank. Read more

Can confirm that “not fun, but doable” is the best way to describe climbing two flights with it last night. Read more

The motor is up front, so that might make wheelies a bit tricky. But I’ll see how I get on! Read more

Yeah there are lights at the front and rear that can both be set to come on every time you turn the bike on, or automatically when it gets dark. Will be sure to grab some nighttime riding pictures to show you. Read more

This is one of the big things that made me want to try the VanMoof, so I’ll definitely see if I can find out more about them! Read more

Oh good spot, thanks for pointing that out! Should all be fixed and readable now.  Read more

Interesting! I’ve not made it north of the border yet, but will have a listen out for a fire truck when I finally make it up to Canada! Read more

That’s some big brain thinking right there, I like it!  Read more

You’re right, it’s pretty easy to track a picture of it down – doesn’t it look cool! But it’s unfortunately a lot harder to find one that’s got the right copy and attribution rights for us to publish. So you’ll have to use a bit of imagination (or Google) to see what the real thing looks like. Read more

Maybe I am easily impressed haha! I just always felt like the original Huracan (and most past updates) had something missing. I really dig what they’ve done with the front end here, though, and feel like it’s fixed the styling a bit. Read more

Nice! Hope it all goes to plan and you get that test drive in - keep us posted. Read more

Sounds lush! Where are you paddling? It’s been a hot minute since I was last on the water, hoping to get back out there as it warms up a bit. Read more

This sounds lovely! I’ve gone a bit puppy mad these past few weeks, so please share all the pics :-)  Read more

Oh hey Andy, how’s your weekend looking? I’ve got a pretty fun one with a friend’s birthday to go to, lots of racing to watch and plenty of time to test out some new film I got for my camera! Read more