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This is excellent. I don’t care at all about F1 but I like Taylor Swift so this was helpful. Read more

320 kWh battery? Uhhh, that has to be a typo, right? Read more

look, can we all just kinda admit that private vehicles suck? Read more

I actually really like that toaster.  We could all use a little more color in our lives. Read more

As a huge skeptic of electric car racing, next year will be the first season I pay real attention to Formula E. 470 hp and 850 kg is no joke from a performance standpoint, and if they can make the races over an hour it will seem much more legitimate. Making the cars smaller is a nice touch too, I wish other racing Read more

People always have questions on why get a Roof Top Tent. I’m on my second one in 5 years and I’ve spent about 200 nights in them. Read more

Fun Fact: It was the last iceberg. Read more

I love when they close out the show with this one - its such a positive feeling to hear the whole crowd with the chorus Read more

I bought a used 530e earlier this year.  Basically, I have an electric car for commuting and around town, and a gas car for long trips, which means never thinking about charging.  I can’t get enough of it.  Operating costs have been low, the car is quiet, comfortable, easy to drive, and plenty fast and fun. Read more

You can ask me too. I ordered mine in June 2020 and received it in September 2020. They had not yet ramped up production so there was a wait. It’s a black S3. Back then it was $2199 for the bike, $590 for the 3 year full maintenance/theft plan, and I also got a rear rack and large pannier. All that with shipping my Read more

As Morgan is, quite rightly, already taken and Ariel seems a touch obvious I wil nominate.......Citroen.


I’d have to go with something like Elio Motors. You can’t make a trash car if your company never got around to making any cars in the first place.
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I know a lot of people are going to take issue with the auto-to-manual swap, but please stop before you do. Read more

Either the North Saskatchewan (west of Rocky Mountain House) or the upper Red Deer. Nothing too strenuous for the season’s first paddle. Just some bouncy, wet, exercise.  Read more