Michael Roselli
Michael Roselli is Jalopnik's Video Creative Director.
Aug 27 2018

Why are the youths in this video yelling at me? Youths yell a lot...

Jan 30 2018

wow sounds like america is salty that russia did some sick maneuvers in front of our lame ass plane

Sep 16 2017

Can I get the top photo without the First Drive? New wallpaper season.

Sep 15 2017

These photos just called for the grand opening of an REI in my pants.

Aug 11 2017

Dude shake it off it happens to the best of them. You weren’t the first and you damn sure won’t be the last Read more

Aug 11 2017

We have big plans for video coming up for the future. I did just start two weeks ago, but we have been throwing tons of ideas around. Michael Roselli, my predecessor, set a HUGE standard for us, but I think we have the talent to pull it off.