Martin Grossinger
Feb 9 2020

Hope the record holds. Glad to see these old big birds showing their stuff. Yes, it’s like an old Cadillac breaking a speed record going downhill in a tailwind, but still cool.

Jan 29 2020

These are incredible numbers from a stock turbo. My guess is, with an aftermarket tune, and a larger turbocharger, this car might do two seconds, flat. I’m not sure how much these turbos are tuned for low-end, off the line torque, but my gut tells me with a quarter mile time like that, they have to come on boost Read more

Jan 6 2020

Just a couple months too late, Lamborghini!

Unfortunately I just bought a 2016 Miata. Gonna have to wait a little longer I guess.

Dec 30 2019

If you’re coming up short,  I would check your brother’s spending.

Dec 30 2019

I was just over in Raph’s post trying to figure out how to afford and ship a $1,500 minivan from Colorado to Michigan, so I can totally relate to the sultan’s situation. Extemely normal stuff.

Dec 23 2019

Used car that’s already gone top speed racing? CP, never buy someone else’s project.

Dec 19 2019

Happens EVERY time there’s a massive rule change. Also, the gap in performance will spread between the teams, the heads of the FIA will scratch their heads and say how did this happen where one team (maybe 2) has a huge advantage, embark on NEW rules proposals for 2030, by which time the performance gap will have Read more

Dec 18 2019

I only like being pandered to, directly. I want one of the characters to suddenly say, "how's it going GalvatronGuy?" during the middle of the film.