Ferrari Is Getting Ready To Spend So Much Money On Its F1 Program In 2020

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We already know that Formula One teams are definitely going to be spending tons of money developing their cars before the cost caps go into effect in 2021—but it sounds like Ferrari is gearing up to spend even more than everyone else. There’s currently no idea how much, but we’re talking taking advantage of a “record” financial year, according to Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri.


“We’re also prepared to invest,” said Camilleri, as reported by Not only is Ferrari trying to get a leg up on the competition by developing as much of its 2021 car before the $175 million cost cap is introduced, but it’s also building a brand new simulator rig for drivers to practice on.

Here’s more from the article:

“Yes, it will be significantly more expensive,” [Ferrari team principal Mattia] Binotto said when asked by about the impact on the team’s budget next year.

“We all started very early [on the 2021 car]. So yes, there will be significant extra budget next year, not only about money but resources – extra people would be required to run the programmes.

“I think it’s got to be a situation to be managed right now.”

And he’s not wrong. Formula One requires tons of money not only to secure a spot on the grid but also to be competitive. With Ferrari’s dismal 2019 season—it almost would have been able to challenge for a championship if only it had gotten their shit together—dumping money into the game now in order to secure a more competitive future is absolutely the way to go.

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