I can’t wait to watch this. I was there when they were building the One:1 and it was a really special experience!

I was up there last week... The XJ220 is so special and I never realised until Justin took me out in it!

I'd guess to try and be more impressive for the BTS video so you guys posted it? ;)

Better to do car to car at low speed IMO

there is one other one in the world, but it's I a private collection (I have no idea why) so this is the first and only one available to hire in the world

Still not as good as the original...

This is what you hear when in a Zonda Roadster... Perfection!

About time you went to Pagani mate, one of my favourite places in the world :D

Damn that's brilliantly hilarious

To be fair, in person it sounds a lot better, especially in the drivers seat where you get a lot of induction noise!

I was shooting for Morgan last week, they're super special! Mike, it sounds like you need to hop on a plane to the UK so we can do a little Morgan road trip mate ;)

The light is amazing, I wish the rest of the photo was as good!

I know, I was there when it was fitted ;) The roof scoop was fitted on top of the roof panel

This has a very strong carbon fibre tub, you'd never notice the difference in rigidity

I think one of the bigger reasons that the roof is fixed is because it has a roof scoop attached to it

Very minimal editing, just a few boosts on contrast and colours. Much easier to get it right in the first place!