thank you for the glorious new desktop. these are fantastic

If this photo is not post production enhanced or cleaned up or something, then yeah, GF's good.

GF is fantastic. I feel bad not saying it earlier, now that I realize how hard he works at it. This is far from the first time I have been very impressed with his work. Keep it up dude. Love the natural frames and fat f stops. Keep it up!

That was GF Williams's Nikon D800

What did you use to record the sound of Koenigsegg's flyby? The audio quality is great. Oh and also that thing sounds AMAZING.

What a beautiful situation to find yourself in - amazing car, visually endless road, and no cops. I am jealous.

I'm very sad to hear of these deaths , of any deaths in fact .
The problem I have Is with this article , it's sensationalist attitude and the inaccuracies and plain fallacies contained therein and in many of the below posts .
There is nothing inherently dangerous about the carrera gt . I have done over 30000 miles in 2 Read more

It's not the car that's dangerous in a Carrera GT, it's an incompetent driver. You don't just hop in and drive it fast, you have to spend time learning how it works. A good driver in a Carrera GT is an amazing experience like nothing else.

I failed to look at the OP, and my thought going down the whole list was, "Where the fuck is GFWilliams?!"

This guy looks way to happy be be driving a 1 series in this terrible of a hue.