Collin Woodard

And a car website employees that use their job as a way to spread their political views, should be fired. Read more

Also my fault for not catching the typo. It’s been fixed.  Read more

If only there was an entire first paragraph explaining exactly that.  Read more

Not having to stop to get gas as frequently is probably the bigger draw. If you charge every night, a tank could could easily last months.  Read more

Wait, but they also have Jalen Hurts. Kelce Hurts Swift? Oh no! Read more

I promise I’m not trying to be rude, but did you try clicking the “start slideshow” button? Read more

Having suffered a TBI almost 20 years ago, I would happily pay $5 million to never have to go through it in the first place. And that’s without the trauma of hearing the train coming and being faced with near certain death.  Read more

And $700 isn’t even all that expensive. Plenty of handguns cost more than some Macbook Pros. Read more

It’s like the 9th season of Scrubs. I just pretend it doesn’t exist. Read more

You can sub out the poached egg for a folded egg if you ask nicely. Read more

Sorry, it must have slipped my mind while also plugging the Baconator and the 2 for $3 breakfast. I didn’t eat until 2 today, so I was writing while hungry. Read more

Personally, I’m still holding out hope that I can marry rich and and get a bunch of interesting grail watches.  Read more

Yeah, if you added up how much I’ve spent on watches since I started collecting, it’s probably enough to get a used JLC. But I don’t want one watch. I want a lot of watches. So I stick to the stuff that’s interesting and cool but more affordable like the Baltic MR01 that I just picked up. Read more

Maybe we should just destroy all Richard Milles to keep them from getting stolen. Also Hublots while we’re at it. Read more