Collin Woodard

They never lost a lawsuit, buddy. They’re still here, and Suzuki isn’t. Read more

I had no idea that “Into Gambon” was specifically referencing Michael Gambon. I started watching Top Gear after this episode.  Read more

The Mazda is the correct answer. The fact that you can get that tiny crossover with an engine that puts out 250 HP and 320 lb-ft of torque cannot be understated. I have a Mazda 6 with that same turbo, and because it’s only FWD, if you even LOOK at the throttle pedal the wrong way, you’re spinning the wheels. The Read more

At a typical gas station a stop (for me) is 3-5 minutes. When I am on a road trip? My Loves stop in Yuma is ALWAYS 15-20 minutes, not including waiting for a pump to open.  There is food, bathroom breaks for myself/wife/kids/dog, general stretching...  A slightly extended rest stop is not out of the question anyways, Read more

And on a running play, that is the EXACT SEQUENCE!!! Read more

I mean, is there a more expensive place to order a whiskey than an airport restaurant? Maybe Yankee Stadium? Anywhere in Utah? Jesus, even waiting til you get on the plane would be much cheaper. And with that much ice in the glass, it’s looking like he got extra ripped off on his “double” pour.
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I fly literally all the time, and of course eat in restaurants ALL the time when I am travelling for work. I don’t find (sit-down) airport restaurants to be notably more expensive than the equivalent restaurant elsewhere in a given area. But I don’t buy booze in restaurants (I can’t expense booze, and for me it’s free Read more

Ooh, I hope he managed to shoehorn in a comment about absentee fathers in black households!
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David Brooks whines about everything. Read more

My friend owns an auto shop and almost weekly he has to post on Facebook to tell owners to stop leaving unsecured weapons in the cars they drop at his shop.  Read more

There is a road that goes up Bross (albeit not one that should be open to the public). This picture is on Cameron, which means the driver either went up the road and then bushwhacked over to Cameron, or went up the trail from the main parking lot between Democrat and Bross, which would be... really stupid. No, the Read more

That would leave him and his family in 21 year old safety tech. A lot has changed in that time. Read more

All you need


Oh man I love those wheels so much. Why do they even bother making wheels that aren’t 5 spokes of chrome? Read more

I’ve always had a soft spot for these. I had my teenage years spent in an Durango SLT and once these came out, I’ve always wanted one. Read more

Those are from Shelby, not aftermarket, but the good thing about wheels is you can change them out to whatever you desire. I’d keep the originals though, better value if it’s the way Carroll intended. Read more

A guy I played hockey with when i was a kid, his dad actually had one of these and it was fucking stupid. I mean I loved it and still do and everything about it is great. It just made no sense at all but was insanely fun. This guy was a bit of a nut and would stomp on it whenever he felt like and and us kids on a 6 Read more

As Collin pointed out, the M2 Comp is the answer.  You can get one for ~$60K and then wrap it in whatever crazy color you want. I’m completely biased because I bought one earlier this month and it is amazing. Read more

The M2 is the right choice. Read more

Can we get some decent passenger train infrastructure in the US so that we aren’t so dependent on flying? It’s great for going across oceans but you can’t beat the comfort of a train, even if flying first class. Read more