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I don’t see you building one, turd

The whole thing was ironic. Did you read beyond the headline? 



It has an IMU with anti-stoppie ABS, which I would never turn off. I’m not inclined to find out. 

Because you’ve ignored how good the company’s product has gotten, and have no idea how fast the company is growing.

Okay, I’m going to ignore answering your question then. You’ve already made up your mind. 

1. Not great at a stop, but totally unnoticeable when moving.

2. No.

3. Yes.

4. Sluggish on turn-in, but grips very well through the corner. It’s fun, but could be made better with a little work.
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The Sportster actually has a lower and broader powerband than the Pan Am. It’s torquey and responsive down low, but still revs to high heaven. It’s quite nice. The motor is the best part of this new bike. 

Felt fine to me. It probably would need more for the track, but even on the most aggro roads in SoCal, it felt like it had plenty of brake. 

1. Not great, but grip makes up for it.

2. No. It gets warm when you put your leg down at stop lights, but the insulation keeps actual burns away.
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I did test the mid-controls. They’re very good. 

I asked about the Bronx. “We stopped talking about what we were going to build on this platform, but never actually said any of the designs we previewed were coming to market or not.” was pretty much the answer.

Typical PR “we cannot comment on future product” spin, but actually kind of promising.

This is a good and interesting motorcycle. So is the Pan America. So is the LiveWire.

I would consider buying each of those three without a doubt. They are not only on par with the competition or better, but actually pretty competitively priced now.

It’s a very good motorcycle. Revs to 9,500, which rips no matter what bike it’s in. 

It looks great.

It weighs 500 pounds almost on the dot.

It will definitely woolie.

You might just need a tin foil hat.

Every automaker has a CPO program, and they sell the shit out of them. A third of Porsche’s dealership sales are CPO. They aren’t hiding used cars in a warehouse somewhere to artificially prop up the new car market. This isn’t the diamond industry. 

Every car I own runs. The Boxster is currently in pieces, but it’s inside my garage. If you don’t know, keep my name out ya mouth.

Fill with topsoil and throw a particularly robust grass seed on top.