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If Hummer is back as an electric, I can see this. However, I think that rules out cheap, at least for now. Read more

I had a 1993 SL1. Basic as hell. Crank Windows. 4 Speed. Not a single repair needed the whole time I had it. Fun to drive. Not even so much as a squeak. Best car I ever owned. Also had a 1998 (or so) Wagon. 2nd best car I ever owned. If they revived that and made THOSE basic, well made, inexpensive cars again, they Read more

Thanks for the answers!  I think I’d be interested in trying it out.  Aesthetically for me, I’m not quite sold on the tail of the bike.  Tank looks gorgeous and I like the colors.

the introduction of this bike, the expansion of the livewire line, and the decision to cut away from entry level bikes is why Harley is beating all the moto-journo’s who said the company was dead. This bike looks like a riot, and a perfectly rideable at the same time. That chunky front tire will be great around town Read more

The Motor Company is pushing younger riders into pre-owned models in an effort to grab their attention for life.” Read more

I found most bikes causing back pain after an injury until I threw street tires onto a dirt bike... that riding position is so comfortable!

HD could shock the world and drop the best bike ever made and I’d never give it a second glance.” Read more

Keep us up to date on how those Gravelock things work out. I’ve been considering those for a section of my lawn that often gets used as overflow parking, but I haven’t pulled the trigger. They seem expensive and I haven’t had any issues with the lawn being damaged by the parking, I think due to the fact that there’s Read more

Do you work for Taco Bell marketing?

I installed a very similar system but chose to fill with top soil and plant grass. What a mistake. If it was rarely used or even occasionally used, it would be fine. But for daily use the system can’t protect the grass enough, so I have big dirt spots. I’ve considered replacing it with gravel like you have, but I’m Read more

Why is it any business of yours? If you don’t want to see neighbor’s stuff, you should buy 40 acres way out in the country.

I have never seen those plastic things before, I don’t think we have them in Australia. I thought it was patterned concrete at first. In any case, as someone else said, maybe hold onto the extra stone to fill in any low spots or gaps that appear. I live in an area where a few people have a second driveway, so I can Read more

Nicely done! I wasnt aware of permeable pavers before reading this and they would really work well with the stuff i want to do in my house as i live in the desert. 

I can’t even imagine buying a house anymore...

Keep the extra stone, at least a few big buckets of it. You can use it to fill in any spots that get washed out or settle over time. Read more

What’s wrong with just parking them in the dirt? :p

This is awesome, we need more articles like this, maybe call it houselopnik?

I have that same wheel barrow. I’ve cracked two of them (mine and my neighbors). They don’t like large rocks tossed or dropped into them. Wish I went with the metal one.

At least in photos, I think it looks better than concrete, too.