Adam Milt
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Jun 9

Probably the greatest game I’ve ever played. Although since the last update, I feel as though the black ice in Alaska is worse, and my Fleetstar, despite it’s mid-range engine isn’t as powerful any more. No killing, minimal disappointment, and save for steering, very realistic conditions. Very relaxing, and I can’t Read more

Mar 13

Someone is paying me. It’s the greatest con I’ve ever pulled. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Feb 21 2020

Maybe another good question is how many members of the Jalopnik staff regularly work on their own cars? And how much do you actually need to know about fixing a car in order to label yourself a Wrench?

Dec 6 2019

One time, Patrick invited me to get lunch with him. So we went to Planet Hollywood in Times Square, one door down from Jalopnik HQ. We ordered, then he realized he had a more important meeting to go to, and left me to eat a soggy salad by myself in the most depressingly cheerful restaurant I’ve ever been in. Read more

Aug 29 2019

I am slightly out of breath in the last chat, which was because we filmed a lead-in shot of me sprinting for like 100m out of the woods getting chased by bees. It was cut for time.

Aug 29 2019

I’ll never forget that highway moment. Why the hell do they need to space the exits so far apart?! Good times. 

Aug 20 2019

You doing okay today, bud? You’re usually way more pleasant than this

Aug 8 2019

Some context here: Jalopnik Features Editor Raphael Orlove is my beautiful car son, a talented editor, a genius at headlines. What he does not excel at, however, is piloting right hand-drive cars—he has a tendency to drift over and put his passenger in the path of traffic.