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Justin - I will always remember during the pandemic trivia nights that there was a question about the first car James Bond ever drove. I had recently watched the movie and remembered it was a Sunbeam Alpine. But NO, you were quick to point out that he drove a 1957 Chevy before that, even though it wasn’t technically a Read more

Once the butt of countless jokes, it’s certifiably cool in the U.S. these days. Read more

There’s some depth to this joke, since SEAT used to mostly make everything out of FIATs, including the 127 and 128 which were the starting point of the Yugo.

This is exactly the sort of content I needed to start my Friday.
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This is the kind of guy who, assuming GM doesn’t somehow shit on his enthusiasm and turn him into a model-specific supervillain, goes on to become a guru or, as Malcolm Gladwell would describe him, a Maven. Read more

Easy enough to replace them with LEDs. You can swap any bulb in under 5 minutes on these trucks if you know what you’re doing, don’t have to drop the bumper like on GMT900 trucks. The problem, to my understanding, is that the OE bulbs were too low a voltage and tended to burn out, so most aftermarket bulbs are higher Read more

That, unfortunately would be contributing to a minor. Hell we can't even get him a cigar.

This is a very nice story and really cool of the kid to do that for a fellow truck owner. That said, I’d hardly describe the pickup as “broken” because the plastic piece that goes around the tailgate handle fell off. Based on the headline I thought he fixed a truck that wasn’t running. 

Yes, that trim piece is a pain in the ass, and the clips holding the actuator rods to the handle are no better. ‘07 Silverado Classic, built on the GMT800 platform. Currently showing 180,000 and the most intensive work needed has been knock sensors. Oh, yeah, three front hubs, too, another GM weak spot. 

Bought one of these for my father in law when he broke his. It was winter so I told him to clean the salt off and stick it on when he got home. By the time summer rolled around, he had not installed it and couldn’t find it when I said I would.

As someone who owned an GMT800 (Avalanche North Face Edition), GMT900 (Escalade EXT) and currently a K2xx (‘18 Sierra), the GMT800 did NOT have a better build quality or better parts.

It did have VERY rot prone brake and fuel lines, undersized front brakes (which can be cheaply swapped to GMT900 brakes), all of which I Read more

Can we buy this man a beer? The world needs more people like him. 

Sorry I can’t help but thinking of this:

Love these adventures you go on David! I’d love to see more videos like this! 

You found Theseus’ Yugo, congrats

Great review!  So glad the Bronco is back!