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In countries outside of the U.S., it absolutely does!

I was just in Turkey, and there were lots of TOFASes with Cadillac badges glued on!

Woh, that’s right! I forgot about this truck of yours!

They were common, Dragoslav tells me.

The Easter Jeep Safari is not an arbitrarily-picked date! 

You’re absolutely right. It's complicated, but believe me when I say all the stories will be published. And they will be epic.

LOL! I'll stare a little longer and ask!

I’m always very honest with how much I spend on my projects. I always do a cost roll-up, and in all of my posts, I link back to articles showing all the parts and sweat I had to put into getting the vehicles into the shape they’re in. Read more


Not a WJ fan. Rear fuel tank sits too low.

More FC stuff on the horizon!

The FC updates are coming, and when they do, your mind will be BLOWN.

(Okay, I’m over-selling this a bit).

The fact that nobody can believe that I’m 29 tells me this may already be happening.

It’s also worth noting that without flex, you’ll lift a tire way off the ground. A shift and weight will cause you to teeter and quickly crash down onto that tire, and that can lead to a rollover. (Whereas with a solid axle, you’d likely traverse the same terrain in a more stable manner).

You're actually LESS likely to roll over if you've got more flex.

Not even engineers would ever say this in conversation, so I just had to. 

I’d prefer to keep it closer to the three-figure ranger.