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Jan 16

I myself have been dealing with loads of stress lately. It ain’t helping!

Jan 15

You chose poetry, I chose the gym for three hours a day and the basement of the chemistry building for 8hrs/day (that’s where I studied). Whatever it takes!

Jan 15

I probably could have swung it anyway, but instead I saved all my money from my job as a Commissary bagger to afford college living expenses that first year. Also, I didn’t get my license until senior year. My high school girlfriend had to drive me around (in her Mazda Protege ES 2.0—It was actually pretty great).

Jan 15

Stay strong!

Jason and I get made fun of all the time on YouTube for our hair (or lack thereof). “You look 15 and 45 at the same time” is a hilarious comment I get frequently on the platform (These comments are always written by guys. Why are guys weird about other guys’ bald heads?).

I’m not bothered in the least by Read more

Jan 13

I followed your advice and went with some Bilsteins (though 4600s, since I anticipated lifting it soon, and didn’t want to spend TOO much coin). 

Jan 13

Only had my pocket Charpy tester with me.

If I have to turn in my engineer-card for being so ill-prepared, I understand.

Jan 12

A great guess. My engineer-source provides that reasoning, as well! (See update)

Jan 8

I don’t know why you graced us with this, but I’m happy you did.

Jan 8

Indeed, those look like heat shields.

Mounts are SUPER sensitive to heat, and there’s lots of that going around in any engine bay.

Lucky for this mid-engine Corvette, the “fan blast” heat that comes through the radiators isn’t filling the engine compartment as it would be on a front-engine car. But you’ve still got Read more

Jan 7

Agreed. I didn’t need the second “much.” It was unnecessary.