At $12,500, Will This Fat-Fendered 2000 Honda S2000 Prove A Winner By A Wide Margin?

Honda’s S2000 has always been a coveted car and the model’s prices reflect that furor. Major mods, however, like those made to today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe s2Ki can drive prices in either direction. Let’s see if this one’s price has you thinking about driving it yourself.


BMW is a bit of an enigma. Long coveted by enthusiasts around the globe for their performance, luxury, and exclusive pricing, the company’s products are also known for their finicky reliability, expensive repair costs, and rebarbative depreciation.

A singular benefit of that last foible, however, is that many of the company’s more expensive offerings eventually flutter down into price ranges that mere mortals can afford. That’s not quite as exciting with their cheaper models, but as shown by yesterday’s 2008 128i coupé, even a $4,000 price tag could be found appealing. That was despite a clutch that was near its expiration date and it earned the car a solid 71 percent Nice Price win.

It also seems our collective automotive spidey sense proved spot on with the Bimmer. The seller pulled the ad while we were still giving it the once over, indicating a likely sale or a reconsideration of even offering it at all.

That’s not the case with today’s 2000 Honda S2000 as the seller of the custom car notes upfront in the ad that “If you are reading this, the car is still available.”

Much like BMWs, the Honda S2000 has a pretty substantial following. That fealty can fade, however, when the car has been monkeyed with in ways that are not perhaps universally appealing.


Take for instance the Amuse GT1-look body kit by Partshelper that has been applied to this s2Ki. That fattens the car up so that it covers the enormous 18 x 10.5-inch Ambit wheels and rubber band-like tires. The kit includes an entire front clip, fenders, rear flares, bumper and rocker extensions. It’s all a bit origami from some angles, but suffice to say, should this be your jam, its installation is seemingly well executed.


The car, along with all its body bling sports Silverstone Metallic paint which appears to be in decent shape based on the photos. The seller says that the car was involved in a shunt that required the replacement of a quarter panel and door, so it’s not all OEM.

It is noted in the ad that the title is clear despite that, so it couldn’t have been all that bad. There’s a risidual reminder of the accident on the windscreen pillar that never got fixed. Another booger is some curb rash on the wheels.


The interior eschews the original seats and airbag-equipped steering wheel for a set of lowered and fixed-position Sparcos and a quick-release Momo tiller. Four-point harnesses and a roll-over bar keep safety in mind. It’s all quite tidy in here if just as tight as it was with the factory bits. With the top up, the s2Ki is not a car for claustrophobics. That top, by the way, looks to be in perfectly serviceable shape and is claimed to be an aftermarket replacement.


You probably would put up with the submarine bunk accommodations just for the opportunity to dip a toe into the glorious 2-litre VTEC four that lives longitudinally under the S2000’s pointy nose. That rev-happy four-pot offers up 240 horsepower at a dizzying 8300 rpm and can be a barrel of banana-poopers once you get brave enough to really get on it.


This one breathes through an aftermarket intake with a cone filter. On the other side of the equation, it exhausts through what’s described as a 2.5-inch bit of plumbing specially built for the wide-body car. That starts at the cat and runs through a pair of resonators and a test pipe and is described by the seller as having “zero drone but sounds aggressive at high RPM.” Also touted is the fact that the “Vtec crossover sounds phenomenal.” There are no mechanical issues noted in the ad, and even the A/C seems to work when called upon.


Other plusses here: a clutch kit comes with the car since the seller is unsure of the age of the present squeezer, as do the OEM wheels with Firehawk tires. Mileage is 180K, however, the front suspension has been rebuilt within that time. The seller closes the ad by noting “The car is definitely not perfect as it’s a driven 20 year old car, but is a serious head turner and built for track use with daily drivability.”

We’ll just have to see how head-turning it is at its $12,500 price. It’s up to you to determine if that’s a good turn, or if it causes one of those exorcist spin-arounds with the green puke rain-birding everywhere. What do you think, is this heavily-modded S2000 worth that $12,500 asking? Or, is this a wide-body that’s too pricy by far?


You decide!

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Long sigh . . . another Some Guys Project where he wants all his “investment” back. Doesn’t work that way.

“Fixed” seats and yet it’s streetable he says, provided you’re the same dimensions as the seller. The list of things I hate about his mods is too long for this particular Friday. Another fun car fucked up by stupidity.

Crack Pipe!