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Because I am a cynical asshole, I can usually find a reason to be pessimistic about something. I’m also great to hang out with if you didn’t know this. But when it comes to top-exit exhausts? I’ll never have a bad thing to say about them because they are the purest embodiment of God’s will in automotive form. And the latest to have the blessed things appears to be Aston Martin’s upcoming 003 supercar.


Uploaded recently to the automaker’s press site, the teaser is accompanied by no further information than what was already revealed last September, which is that Aston is working on 500 examples of a hybrid supercar that will arrive in 2021.


The last sketch we had of the 003 was something that resembled nothing more than a gaming mouse, as one commenter pointed out. Today’s teaser is also vague and mysterious, but I do spot me some exhaust tips mounted on the roof, along with what looks like a fixed rear wing.

Aston Martin also confirmed via Twitter that the 003 will be the third mid-engine supercar following the Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR Pro. It’s also said that the upcoming car will have luggage space.

Look, it can have five wheels and no doors, for all I care. Because all hail top-exit exhausts!

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