Give Me Top-Exit Exhausts Or Give Me Death

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It’s lucky for me and my credibility that the 2019 McLaren 600LT is so cool beneath its badass top-exit exhausts because there’s no shame in loving a McLaren. Hell, if a Plymouth Breeze had top-exit exhausts, I’d probably love that, too. I never claimed I was sophisticated.

McLaren released a launch video along with the 600LT’s news today, which has two gratuitous shots of fire shooting out of the exhausts. Those two shots are the only reason you need to watch the video.


The Porsche 918 Spyder also had top-exit exhausts, and they are part of what made the car so cool. If you ever watched it driving at full tilt from far away, you’d be able to see a halo of heat distortion floating above the car from those tips.

Just think about all the awesome activities you can do with top-exit exhausts. Light cigarettes. Melt evidence. See how far you can shoot ping-pong balls. Better yet, see how far you can shoot butane-soaked tennis balls.


Or, do none of those things and just enjoy the fire. Live a little bit.