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We occasionally see lists of the best television cars pop up on the Internet, and we always find ourselves at a loss to understand why people feel the need to limit themselves to just ten. A good list should probably come in closer to 30, so it's not just predictable choices like K.I.T.T. and the Batmobile. The list below isn't a bad attempt, though we're sad to see the Ferrari Daytona from Miami Vice didn't make the cut. Anything else missing?


Top Ten Most Memorable TV Cars

10. The Beverly Hillbillies' Truck
9. Starsky's 1975 Ford Gran Torino
8. The Original Batmobile
7.1983 GMC G-Series A Team Van
6. Thomas Magnum's Ferrari 308 GTS From Magnum P.I.
5. The Flintstones' Flintmobile
4. The Vista Cruiser from That 70's Show
3. The Car From My Mother The Car
2. The Original K.I.T.T.
1. The General Lee

[Internet Broadcasting via WKMG]

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