In Defense of a "Cheesewagen": Ferrari Daytona Replica at Barrett-Jackson

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One Barrett-Jackson attendee and fan of the Ferrari Daytona replica sounds off re: our correspondent's portrayal of one of the kit cars on the block. The exact quote was "Crockett and Tubbs wouldn t be caught dead in this cheesewagen."

That s a little unfair, I think. This car was the *exact same* kit driven by Sonny Crockett in the TV show Miami Vice. Also, I was one of the three guys that worked for six months to get the car ready for the auction and it s certainly not a cheesewagen (sic).

I ve attached a photo that I took of the car in the photo tent at B-J. Decide for yourself.


Hmm, it looks the same, though it's the fire-engine red (sorry, Ferrari-red) paint that really tarts it up. Whaddya think? [Thanks, Wallace.]

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it was because Ferrari of North America was mad that the McBurnie (Cheesewagon) Daytona was used on the show and getting so much attention that they had Miami Vice blow it up and replaced it with a 'real' Testarossa. Then Ferrari went to court to protect their 'trade dress' = design lines and the replica and kits makers were pressured to stop. This one built on C3 Corvette is a decent looking car ... but it is neither Ferrari nor cheesewagon to me.