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One Barrett-Jackson attendee and fan of the Ferrari Daytona replica sounds off re: our correspondent's portrayal of one of the kit cars on the block. The exact quote was "Crockett and Tubbs wouldn t be caught dead in this cheesewagen."

That s a little unfair, I think. This car was the *exact same* kit driven by Sonny Crockett in the TV show Miami Vice. Also, I was one of the three guys that worked for six months to get the car ready for the auction and it s certainly not a cheesewagen (sic).

I ve attached a photo that I took of the car in the photo tent at B-J. Decide for yourself.

Hmm, it looks the same, though it's the fire-engine red (sorry, Ferrari-red) paint that really tarts it up. Whaddya think? [Thanks, Wallace.]

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