Luke and Bo sell General to Save Farm, Jump Bus Instead

There are so many ways to go for humorous commentary for this video. You've got your magic flying hippie bus option, the "I'm outraged that was done with a vintage Bus" method, "I can't believe I didn't try that first", and of course the SUPER FLYING BRUCE POTENTIAL angle. Being of simple upbringing, I think the funniest is to imagine that this is footage from the long lost episode in which the Duke boys finally had to sell off the General Lee in order to save the farm from the evil Boss Hogg. This of course would be the scene in which the Boys were suspected of runnin' moonshine and Rosco and Enos are hot on their trail but about to sink, defeated, in the deceptively deep water. Those Duke boys, always getting into trouble.

How Not To hoon [internal]


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