Are Combine Harvester Demolition Derbies America's Greatest Sport?

The might of America's agrarian industry, represented in combine harvesters. Let's crash them to death.


This is the Nezperce Idaho Lions Club Combine Demolition Derby back in 2007, which could not sound more white bread if 'potato salad potluck extravaganza' was in the title.

There's probably some symbolism here about industry in a changing rural America, but these kind of philosophical discussions are boring. It's much better to just crash some giant pieces of farm equipment into each other for fun.

As we've said before, combine demolition derbies rule.

(Hat tip to Leicester and Earl Junior!)



After doing some digging — I found the cheapest Combine's went for just over $100k....

This is one HELL of an expensive derby. Haha

Still awesome as all get-out though.