Another Jalopnik Hits The Airwaves: Davey G. On G4 Tomorrow Night

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Not to be outdone by Wert and his cushy deal with CNBC producers, tomorrow night at 7pm on G4, Davey G. will supposedly make his first nationwide television appearance since, well, ever. He was on local TV as a Cub Scout in Sacramento, but this, well...this is his big break in the City of Angels. The show is Filter, hosted by Howard Stern's best girlie, Beth Ostrosky. When asked about the appearance, all DGJ had to say is, "They wouldn't let me wear my H sker D t-shirt, but apparently, a Rocket From the Crypt shirt was just fine. Oh, and green screens are weird and disorienting." He'll allegedly be commenting on engaging in acts of fleshy union in motor vehicles, something he actually knows a smidgeon about, having been busted by both friends, Romans and the po-po on more occasions than he'd care to admit. (Okay, we were lying about the Romans.)


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