Take One Drink — The Many Moods of A Jalopnik Editor, Redux

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This is starting to become a thing — we feel like from now on every time a Jalopnik Editor makes it onto national TV, you'll get a picture gallery giving you a look behind the scenes. This time things weren't so easy for our industry-loving insider. Not only was Wert looking to answer questions and sound at least somewhat intelligent, he was also attempting to limit the excitability level from last time and he knew back home y'all were playing a bit of a game to go along with his appearance. By the way, did anyone count up the tally on that? While your calculators are out — let the mocking of Wert begin!

He's Crafty — The Many Moods Of A Jalopnik Editor; One Drink For A Second Appearance: Jalopnik Editor Makes Bold Moves "On The Money" [internal]

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I've got to agree with Camp6ell. I love ol' Jalop, and poking Wert with a stick is all in good fun, but the gallery tool sucks so hard it almost isn't worth messing with.