One Drink For A Second Appearance: Jalopnik Editor Makes Bold Moves "On The Money"

For those of you who may have missed our associate editor last night on CNBC's "On The Money" — just know he's very disappointed. But, we have a way for you to make it up to Wert. Here's your chance to play the first ever unofficial CNBC drinking game (patent still pending) from the comfort of your cubicle, office or other inappropriate work establishment. We're so proud of our little baby — he even managed to look straight ahead, speak in complete sentences and with only the slightest stammering...for the most part. We'll have him work on the whole weird blinking thing next.

They Didn't Learn Their Lesson The First Time: Jalopnik Probably on CNBC Tonight (Again) [internal]


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Al Navarro

Wert, have you been taking lessons from the new Rocketboom chick?

Seriously, great job, not as nervous looking or sounding. But you still need to get a new outfit...go see James at [] and tell him I sent you.

Do we need lessons on how ot pronounce J-nik? Gosh!