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An Old-School Alfa Romeo Is Perfect On Super 8 Film

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yes, it's Dorian's Alfa Romeo again, but this time, with more of an analog feel thanks to filmmaker Jeff Martin shooting most of his footage on Super 8. They go together like bread and butter!


As you probably remember, Dorian used to work on parts that went into Mars rovers before ending up as an employee of our favorite ex-rock star, Rob Dickinson, head of Singer Vehicle Design.

Jeff on the other hand is obsessed with his Lomo Diana 120 camera, so for this movie, he went for Lensbaby lens and a Super 8 camera. That may be a bit over the top, but hey, at least you know the blur is not a digital effect!


He is also a proud owner of an Alfa Romeo Giulia Super.

I don't wash my car often either. Old Italian metal doesn't like water anyway, not to mention the wiring.

So instead of polishing, burn a bit more gas, expose some emulsion to light without mercy, and have fun! This is what it's all about.

Finally, here's some easter egg alert! The reflection of Jeff's car: