The Magic Of Old Boxy Alfa Romeos

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How can you keep yourself occupied after raising the bar by some of your work ending up on Mars? Having a fully built 1970 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Ti is one hell of a start.

Dorian Valenzuela applied for an internship at NASA after university and ended up at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, eventually working on Mars rovers. Now Mars rovers are pretty neat, but also much slower than what one can experience in a light box with a 2.0 Alfa Romeo engine up front.

After finishing his dream car, Dorian also made a career change, landing at Singer Vehicle Design. Ever wondered what a Singer Alfa would look like? Have a peek:

Dorian's car is superb and makes me slightly worried that I will also end up with an Alfa eventually. After my Fiat 131 and Autobianchi A112, it seems like the logical step forwards, and I also know some people who can help turning it into something stupidly fast.


Not into classics? Have no fear, good things come to those who wait.


Photo credit: Petrolucious