The Bloodmasters stacking ‘em up at Englishtown, NJ. Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

Here is an incomplete list of teams and clubs of buddies drifting in the United States. Their names are truly fantastic.

Most of these teams have popped up in the past couple years, since Final Bout started up as a team versus team competition touring across the country. Others are older. The idea is pretty straightforward, with a group of kids building similar style cars in similar looks. Pretty much all are completely amateur, though others have professional or ex-pro drivers. These are in no particular order, but generally the trend is from more to less active teams.

  • Team Animal Style
  • F A C T I O N ! Motorsports
  • VILLAINS Drift
  • Tandem Of Die
  • Front Street Drift Club
  • The Bloodmasters
  • Drift Alliance
  • Team ProceeD
  • Risky Devils Chicago Street Club
  • Garage Moon Power
  • ooo DANG
  • Sha Dynasty 70's Until Forever Drift
  • Team Rowdy USA Baronial Excite Club
  • Daring Partners & Company
  • Gold Star
  • Minimum Payment Racing
  • Life Ruiner Drift Team
  • Get Excite!!!
  • Full Clip
  • Anonymous Gangster
  • Road Party
  • Team Breaking
  • Street Dancer/GLEAM
  • Dark Squad
  • Club Sandwich
  • DESTROY Drift
  • Henchman Slide
  • Opposite Grip Team
  • flipzco/Dirty Drift Kids
  • Speed Warhouse/Flag Nor Fail
  • Haggard Garage/Drift Team Haggard
  • Dirty Love Garage
  • Velocity Stars
  • Pizza Drift Team
  • Team Burn The Most
  • Drift Snake Tandem Team of the Drift Racing
  • Dem Orange Boys
  • Control Freaks
  • Team Oneway
  • Team No Limits Set

Since this list is restricted to active teams within the Unites States, I was unable to include the Latvian/Russian team Evil Empire, nor can I include the Japanese teams Team Burst/Pink Style or Mind Control Racing Factory.

If you want to know more about any of these teams, just search them on Instagram, they all live there.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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