An Illustrated Look At The 2014 Corvette Straight From Chevy

The 2014 Corvette has been leaking out in dribs and drabs for nearly a year now.

We've seen camoed cars, renderings of the real thing, and driven it online, but nothing has been super official from Chevy. Until now.


Car spy photographer Chris Doane just posted this image on his Facebook page, which appears to be an official dealer service manual for the brake cooling system on the 2014 Vette.

It definitely has the larger headlamps, a pronounced hoodscoop, and a large sidescoop as we expected. This also gives a closeup look at the suspension, something we haven't taken a peek at before.


Doane is also the person that leaked the image that ended up being the Jaguar F-Type, so we're pretty certain this is the real thing.


(Hat Tip to @SpeedSportLife!)

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