2014 Chevrolet Corvette: First Photos

Two months ago we brought your exclusive first renderings of the 2014 Chevy Corvette. Those images, in ZR1 trim, were based off our first-hand look at the new sports car. As you'd expect, they ignited a firestorm across the automotive world, with many believing what we showed you were fake. Hell, even GM — an automaker who claims they never comment on future product — issued a weak-ass denial of the authenticity of the images.


But now this morning, thanks to our friends at KGP Photography, we have these first spy photos of a pre-production version of the new Corvette.

You never should have doubted us.

These images show the 2014 Corvette — the seventh generation C7 Corvette — testing in the real world as a production-spec IVER prototype.

And as you can see, everything seems to match up quite nicely to our exclusive renderings. For starters take a good look at that rear end — four pipes in a trapezoidal exhaust opening.

Check out the hint of Camaro-esque taillights. Yup, that's totally the distinctive look we revealed in the middle of November.


Next, look at the roofline. Does it look familiar? It should — it's the exact same one we showed you back in November.

Or the front end with that big open-mouthed grille? Yes, that's precisely the look you saw in our renderings.


The A pillar? Totally what we showed you. The kick at the bottom right corner of the door? It's there too.

Take a look through both sets of shots and compare for yourself. I think you'll see why we were so excited to bring you those renderings back in November.


Those who were in our corner — thank you. Those that weren't? Don't worry about it — we know it won't happen again.

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