All In: Wiesmann GT Might Get M5's 507 HP V10

We've always dug the Wiesmann GT. It's exactly the sort of car we don't see enough of over here in Bush country: a mad, coachbuilt, ceviche-raw sportster. Though, reports say that's set to change come 2010. We've never driven a Wiesmann, but we'd imagine that with 362 horsepower drawn from a BMW-sourced 4.8-liter V8 pushing around an approximately 2,500 pound car, performance is likely sizzling. Did we say sizzling? We meant not sizzling enough. Word is, Wiesmann will present a 507 hp, 8,250 rpm, F1-derived V10 iteration of their GT next month at Frankfurt . So what if the GT looks like an M Coupe and a Jag S-Type played a drunken game of hide the sausage? Zero-to-60 times in the four-second range and the very real possibility of wheel spin in every gear make our hearts go all a flutter. [Motor Authority]


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