Your Roadsters, Coupes Are Belong to US: Wiesmann to Make Play for American Market

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We're in a coffee shop in midtown Manhattan, eyeballing the glum salarymen who come and go with calming regularity. If they only knew what we and AutoWeek know, their day would be irreversably brightened. It seems our favorite German coachbuilder, Wiesmann — creator of the $142,000 Wiesmann GT above and likewise six-figure Wiesmann MF3 roadster — is upping production with an eye toward hitting the states around 2010. The company won't be starting a dealer network, co-owner Martin Wiesmann told AW, and instead will form sales partnerships. According to AW, Wiesmann's plans include sales of 300 of its BMW-powered cars per year by decade's end — a 300% increase over the number it sold in 2005, while reducing wait times from up to 18 months currently to a more customer-friendly span. What's more, while most Wiesmann models have sixes, a V12 model isn't out of the question. Yes, please.

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