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Wiesmann announced it will produce a GT version of its hand-built, BMW-powered, carbon-fiber bodied sports car, making it an actual racing contender rather than just another hot, young pavement queen. The German tuning haus, which raced a version of the GT at last year's 24-hour Nurburgring race, based the production car on its roadster, adding 15 inches in length and increasing its footprint from merely lionine to elephantine. Still, the GT shares the potent mechanicals of its open-top cousins — a 4.8-liter BMW-sourced V8, hooked to a six-speed manual transmission, with an optional SMG sequential semiautomatic transmission available later in the year.


German Tuner Wiesmann Produces Classically Styled GT [Edmunds]

The Wiesmann Roadster MF3 [interal]

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