A LaFerrari Aperta With The Top Down Sounds Straight Up Righteous

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I had totally forgotten that Ferrari made one of these, the Ferrari TheFerrari Aperta, where “aperta” creatively means “open” in Italian. Regardless of its doofus name, listening to this car is where the good shit is at.


Youtuber Marchettino got to ride in Canadian Ferrari racecar driver Josh Cartu’s white TheFerrari Open. Of course they leave the top down. Of course it sounds like God’s breath in automotive form.

Here’s my advice, just leave the video playing and go about your normal business because it’s a hell of a soundtrack to listen to. Ignore the two dudes talking.

Hilariously, also remember that this is the car that Ferrari refused to sell to racing legend and Sultan of Swap, Preston Henn, who then tried to sue them because of it.

Henn later dropped the suit and said that he didn’t like the Open anyways and that the Acura NSX was better. I have nothing against the NSX, but after watching this video... Henn, buddy, I’m not sure I can agree with you.

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So how is this any different than the shit head in his Civic racing on the street? Oh ya, my bad its because its a Ferrari and we overlook street racing.