A Hot Rod Porsche 911 Is The Only Fast Car You'll Ever Need

You don’t even need to like 911s to appreciate how perfect a hot rod Porsche 964 really is.

If you bought a car for just the sheer driving experience and the fun factor of it, there comes a point when you’ll want to make it go faster, and perhaps even race it.


If you have a cheap but rare economy car like I do, it’s probably not a good idea to spend all the money in the world just to turn it into the perfect classic racer with more Abarth parts than Autobianchi. Not because it won’t raise its resale value, but because you know that it’s not your final car, and there will be a point when you move on to something more serious.

But if you happen to have a Porsche 964, you’re there already. There’s no need for a faster car, there’s no need for an older car, there’s no need for a more modern 911. The 964 is it, and has been for a while now, which means they will only get more expensive.

With a massaged engine, a smarter suspension, a minor brake upgrade and enough weight thrown out, you won’t ever need more.

Alexander Bermudez is one lucky man.

Photo credit: Petrolucious


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