A Ballsy Guy Is Selling A Car To Fund Half Of His Vasectomy

Who out there loves old Packards, but hates the idea of sperm swimming around in someone's ejaculate? If that's you, boy are you in luck. Check out this Craigslist ad Stephen B. sent us: a guy, selling a basket-case '55 Packard to fund half a vasectomy.

Yes, our beleaguered Virginian wants to start shooting blanks, but only has enough cash to snip one vas deferens. Which, of course, will do him no good, since there's a vast difference between one and none vas deferens. So, to raise the extra cash, he's selling a Packard that looks like it's just one major kudzu attack away from merging back with the Earth.


He does say the car is complete "except for tail lights and broker axle; which I have." I guess "broker" axle is "broken" even though the r and n keys aren't even rear each other on the keyboard. See what I did there? Near each other, I mean.

Anyway, the real puzzle here is why the seller thought the vasectomy information would be good to have in the Craigslist ad. There's nothing wrong with using the money for that— hell, I assume most proceeds from cars sold on Craigslist go to Real Doll repairs or something. I just wonder if there are some people out there, shopping for project cars, making their final decisions based on the medical procedures their purchases will be funding.

Maybe in the cars wanted section there's ads like:

Wanted: Mid '50s Packard or Studebaker, any condition. Car must be being sold to get money for some surgery involving genitals. NO PRINCE ALBERTS or LABIAL PIERCINGS— INVASIVE PROCEDURES ONLY!!


Who the hell knows. Anyway, for that vast demographic of Packard lovers and sperm haters, you have until September 17th, when this baby goes to the scrapyard. No word on what happens to the guys junk.

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