People are more interesting than cars. It's a basic premise that guides a lot of our coverage and differentiates us from other publications. A Shelby GT40 is a beautiful piece of machinery, but it's so much better if you know who Carroll Shelby and Dan Gurney are. A Lamborghini is a way for some to show off, but it's also method of delivering hope to those who need it most.

Looking back at our best features of this last year — and there are many — nothing is clearer than an emphasis on the deeper, human stories behind the vehicles we love. Enthusiasts working towards their dreams, pushing themselves to the limits of sanity and self-preservation.

Car enthusiasts helped solve a murder and helped give a young boy his last wish. We tackled old mysteries and new challenges with humor and style.

Yes, there were many great reviews and many important cars revealed this year, but these are the posts that moved us the most.

We Solve The Mystery Of How A Ferrari Ended Up Buried In Someone's Yard

The detective eased himself down into the freshly dug trench. The guy who'd been driving the skip loader hovered nearby. A few helpers leaned on their shovels, waiting for the detective to finish his work. More »

This Man's Quest To Build His Dream Car Is Driving Him Insane

Koji - no separate first or last name, just "Koji" - is a man of remarkable skill, talent, and determination who is attempting to build his dream car in a garage somewhere in Washington. More »

How To Steal The Space Shuttle: A Step-By-Step Guide

Yesterday morning I was at the California Science Center's press conference outlining their plan to drag a massive spaceship across Los Angeles. It was one of those times where logistics can make even the most outlandish plans seem boring, as they went over schedules and road closures and the like. More »

'Lamborghini Batman' Unmasked

The world was first introduced to "Lamborghini Batman" when he was pulled over earlier this week. Now I've finally gotten through to the man behind the mask.
He answered his phone "This is Batman."
But "Lamborghini Batman" isn't the best name for him. More »

Meet The Most Stereotypical Lamborghini Owner In The World

He owns a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador with the license plate "WINNING." He calls his girlfriend "Concubine." He loves strippers. He lives in Long Island. More »

Does The Billionaire Chairman Of Samsung Own A Stolen $15 Million Ferrari?

In 1963, Ferrari built four 330 LMBs, a GT race car meant to hit the track at Le Mans. All four still exist and are each worth nearly $15 million.
One of the cars, chassis number 4619, is owned by the Korean Chairman of Samsung Electronics, Kun Hee Lee. More »

Meet The 14-Year-Old Girl Building A Car For Her Sweet Sixteen

Plenty of boys begin lusting after cars at an early age, ready either to dive into a project car or a brand new performance car (depending upon levels of means and motivation). More »

How It Feels To Watch Mad Men Total Your Car Company

The PR and Marketing teams at Jaguar have had the equally exciting (the cars are amazingly sexy) and horrifying (they found gum where?) experience of watching their car company portrayed on AMC's Mad Men. More »

This Woman Survived One Of Modern Racing's Most Brutal Accidents

This is an MRI image of Maria de Villota's skull after she crashed the Formula One car she was testing into the back of one of the team's trailers in early July. More »

The Dark Knight's Lucius Fox Is America's Worst CEO

Christopher Nolan's Batman movies aren't just great action films, they're awesome movies for gearheads. What, besides the occasional Michael Bay crapfest, has vehicles as awesome as the Tumbler or the Batpod, or even Bruce Wayne's Lamborghinis and MV Agusta motorcycle from The Dark Knight? More »

I Love You Harbor Freight, But You Smell Like Plastic Hell

As I'm typing this, somewhere nearby is a transmission jack that I own. There's also a mini tire changer and a portable wheel balancer and a five-ton gear puller. More »

How Bahrain Spends Millions To Spin The Press

The man in the image above is a "saboteur" - not a pro-democracy protester.
And those fiery armored vehicles bearing down on him are "enlightened peace keepers" being trained to become a "highly modern and sensitive public security force" - More »

Internet Pulls Together 1,200 Cars For Terminally Ill Boy

A little over a week ago, a post appeared on a British Subaru forum: A father had just found out his son was terminally ill with cancer and he wanted to give him one last thrill with a small car show on September 8th. More »

Meet The Woman Who Cut Off Her Breasts To Be A Better Racer

Let's get this out of the way right up front: this remarkable woman, Violette Morris, ended her life as something of a monster, in service to the Gestapo. More »

Identify This Car Part And Help Catch A Killer

Betty Wheeler was killed last Saturday when a driver in an unknown vehicle struck her as she walked near Route 340 in Waynesboro, Virginia. Police say the driver fled the scene but left this part behind. More »

Dan Wheldon Was The Man You Wish You Were

For many, myself included, the wounds that appeared to heal have reopened today, displaying a rawness within that still remains. It's been a year since the tragic accident at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that took our friend Dan Wheldon. More »