Identify This Car Part And Help Catch A Killer

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Betty Wheeler was killed last Saturday when a driver in an unknown vehicle struck her as she walked near Route 340 in Waynesboro, Virginia. Police say the driver fled the scene but left this part behind.

Can you identify this piece of what looks like a front air dam/spoiler? If so, you might help catch a killer.

UPDATE: We are in contact with the Waynesboro Police Department and they are aware of the post. Specifically, we've let them know about the similarity to an F-150 grille. Keep up the good work everyone!

Here's what police had to say:

This silver piece is a part that came off the suspect vehicle that fatally struck Mrs. Betty Wheeler on the evening of 4-7-12 in the northbound lane of Rosser Ave. (Rt. 340) near P. Buckley Moss Museum . Waynesboro Police is asking anyone who knows or sees a vehicle missing a piece that matches the one pictured to contact the Waynesboro Police Department at 540-942-6675 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-332-2017.

If you've got guesses please post them in the comments. If you're in the area and know the vehicle it's from please e-mail us here or contact police at the numbers above.

(Hat tip to Ivan and Steve!)