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Dad's Wish To Give His Sick Son A Car Show Goes Viral Overnight

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday, we told you that a British father and Subaru owner is facing the very stark and devastating reality that his 11-year old son only has weeks left to live. He posted a note on a British Subaru forum saying he was planning a small car show in a week and would love for some cars to show up and brighten his son's day.


That original post about the show has gone viral and now all corners of the car community are coming together to have one last blowout car show for the boy next week. At least 270 cars have already committed.

The father, Scott, made his first post on Tuesday that his son had only a few weeks left to live after he had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. The little guy, Connor, had already beaten cancer twice before in his short life.


Scott has also made one very important request of anyone attending the event, which is now being called "Connor's Day:"

hi all and again my daily thank you and grattitude to everyone for there kind words and support! i would just like to add for my own piece of mind too so everybody knows the score that my son DOES NOT KNOW the tumour has come back he just thinks he is unwell so please more important than anything is that HE IS NOT made aware in any way thank you all so much again

He doesn't want Connor to find out just how ill he is. Instead, he wants him to enjoy being a kid for a few more weeks. Please honor that request.

And from what we have heard, Connor sounds like one cool little dude. He's apparently a big car fan that knows literally anything and everything about the cars on the road. From a modded Subaru to a Pagani Huayra, he knows what it is. He's definitely one of us.


What began as a small request has exploded across the internet car world. The outpouring has to be overwhelming:

  • The original Scooby Net thread has ballooned to 29 pages and more than 840 responses. They have officially registered more than 270 cars from Scooby Net alone to attend the show. It also looks like there are an additional 200 coming from other clubs as well.
  • While that is the official registry, threads for this show have been popping up all over the web. Our friends at Piston Heads, M5 Boards, sharing on Facebook (our own post has been shared 114 times), car makers like Ginetta have reached out to give Connor rides, and even a thread on the Subaru Reddit have all been created.
  • There have been offers for decals to be created, factory tours, and just about anything you can imagine.
  • Scott has set up a Pay Pal account for donations: They would go to a children's cancer fund, as all Scott wants is a ton of cars and a good day for Connor.
  • Our friend Alex Roy will be flying over from the USA and taking a Morgan Three Wheeler to the show that Charles Morgan is personally loaning him. He might even be joined by some as yet unconfirmed cool cars and motoring celebrities. Alex also said that if he can find a Gumball Trophy he'll personally give it to Connor. Our other friend Chris Harris cannot make it to the show, but he said he will find a way for his 599 to be there.

Right now, the show is still scheduled to be at the original address, which is Fred Lawton Ltd, Meltham Mills Industrial Estate, Meltham Huddersfield, HD9 4AY. However, if the show gets too large, there is talk of even taking over an airfield for the day.

This is one of those times we're proud to be a part of the car community. There may be some fierce rivalries on the surface of the car world, but when it comes down to it, car people are good people.