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Help A British Subaru Owner Fulfill One Last Wish For His Dying Son

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The worst nightmare of any parent is facing the loss of a child. It's an unimaginable tragedy no matter how it happens.

One Subaru owner in England just learned he will soon be facing this reality with his own son, but is hoping to give him one last thrill before he moves on from this world.


Poster Zippy of the British Scooby Net forums just found out that his 11-year old son, who has already beaten cancer twice in his short life, now has two inoperable brain tumors and has around four weeks to live.

A few weeks before finding out about this diagnosis, Zippy had promised to take his son to a meet with modified cars sometime soon.


But now his timetable is condensed, so Zippy is taking the meet into his own hands:

i have arranged with FRED LAWTON LTD MELTHAM MILLS INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, MELTHAM HUDDERSFIELD,HD9 4AY to be able to use there car park for the gathering which i would like to hold on saturday the 8th of september starting from 1 pm. everybody and every type of car is welcome so please please please come if you can make it and make my little boys day a special one thank you all in advance and please put your name down on your posts to this thread so i can get an idea of numbers.

The response has been overwhelming, and right now there are 196 cars committed from Scooby Net with the likelihood of many more. If you're near that area on September 8th, stop by and help make a sick little guy's day.

(Hat Tip to eM!)
Photo Credit: Rich Moffitt via flickr