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36th Annual Griffith Park Sidecar Rally

Illustration for article titled 36th Annual Griffith Park Sidecar Rally

This Sunday marked the 36th year Doug Bingham has managed to host a sidecar rally at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Doug got mixed up into racing and building sidecars back in the '60s, and just kept rolling with three wheels. The Sunday show drew sidehacks from all points. Watsonians and Velorexes mixed well with home-builts, Soviet-bloc glorious people's sidecars, and a complete-with-machine-gun Zundapp. Just the thing for Los Angeles freeways. When Doug isn't running sidecar mounted camera rigs at marathons and the like, he can be found fabricating sidecars in Van Nuys. []


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Sidecars are badass. Putting one on an old BMW just looks so right, the older and more creaky-looking the better. But why the hell is there a Mitsubishi badge on that (beautifully pristine) white Honda CB550F?

And ship me one of those model kits!