2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrak: This Is The New Top Of The Line

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The 2015 Ford Ranger has just added the Wildtrak top trim to its lineup, which is a slightly prettier variant of their allegedly excellent pickup truck enjoyed in 180 countries around the world.


Sadly the United States of America is not one of the many markets you can buy one of these. But there is life outside Uncle Sam’s empire you guys. If you really want a Ranger, why not move to Thailand where you can buy a new one for like $25,000? Or write your congressman and ask them to send the Chicken Tax straight to hell.

You might be thinking the Wildtrak is some kind of off-road Ranger variant (I did too), but it’s not really. It’s closer to the equivalent of a Chevy Z71 or Ford FX4. Turns out the rest of the world gets fluffy trim packs too!

That said, the Wildtrak would leave most current-gen US trucks in the dust off-road with 9” of ground clearance and a 31.5” water wading max.


An electronically controlled transfer case drops from rear-drive to 4x4, and an electronically locking rear differential maintains traction through rough stuff.

Two diesel engines are available, a 3.2 (for power) or a 2.2 (for economy) and towing max is an ambitious 7,700 pounds on properly set up trucks.


But of course you can have all that, and the truck’s long list of driver aids, on a regular old Ranger too. This one just looks cooler thanks to a little bed rollbar, some chunk trim pieces, and two-tone interior. Oh and you can get this “Pride Orange” paint! Or white, black, silver, or grey.


Nothing official on price premium yet or release date yet, but the nicest four-door Ranger is currently worth about $36,000 so this might get north of $40,000.


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