2015 Dodge Durango Looks Awesome With The Challenger's Red Interior

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The 2015 Dodge Durango R/T adds the option of "Radar Red Nappa leather seats" from the Challenger and Charger. Not the kind of news I normally care about, but the Durango rules and this new interior actually looks pretty sweet.


I love the Durango R/T so much because it asserts all your needs for the ridiculousness of a noisy "sport SUV" without costing a fortune to run or making you look like a giant asshole. This new interior swatch (which costs about $1,200) squeezes a little more muscle car vibe out of the thing while preserving its moderate exterior appearance.

Too bad Dodge switched their spokesperson from the hilarious Ron Burgundy to this obnoxious exclusionary bully of a monkey puppet.


Images via Dodge

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