So far the closest we've gotten to the 2013 SRT Viper ahead of its New York Auto Show debut next month is teaser pictures and renderings based on the image leaked by Hot Wheels. Although we still don't have pictures of the actual car, we now know what it looks like 1/64th scale diecast.


According to Erik Landerholm of who sent us these pictures the lucky few who have already seen the SRT Viper claim the back of the toy car is "real close" to the actual car while the front is still not exactly right. Until the car is officially unveiled in early April pictures of toy cars and deliberately useless corporate teasers are the closest we're going to get to the new not-Dodge.

Unfortunately the same wait applies for exact specs although we're sure we can expect even more of the raw power, slippery styling and comparatively reasonable but still painfully out of reach pricing that has always defined the Viper.

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