SRT Viper Teases Us A Second Time

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The new SRT Viper continues its slow strip tease with another image released on the SRT "brand" Facebook page. The first shot was black and white and gave us a look at the serpentine head of the beast, but this latest shot brings us in close with a carbon fiber-rimmed air intake for the new snakeskin-wrapped supercar with an all-American heart.


Want to see more? Yeah, we do too. Sadly, for now (or until the first buff book breaks the embargo) you'll have to be content to wait around for Dodge...err... SRT to continue and leak out teaser images up until the car's officially revealed for April's New York Auto Show.


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No, Ralph Gilles, neither you nor the Viper are getting a tip.

I'm not a big fan of the concept of "teasing" in this regards. "Teasing" works with supermodels unveiling a new swimsuit or lingerie line. It doesn't work with cars. At all. At this point, I'm not excited to see it for whatever it looks like. I just want you to unveil it so that we can forget about this whole charade.

But if you absolutely, positively must try to launch a teaser campaign for a car, at least put some thought and effort into it. Start with something simple, but attention grabbing. For instance, if you're really excited about hyping up the new upcoming Viper, pick a major sporting event that you know thousands of people are going to watch on TV (really, the Super Bowl was your missed opportunity of the century), and do a simple commercial with no pictures, no video. Just a black screen and the sound of the new Viper's engine being run out, then end it by briefly showing a Viper badge to hint at where that engine noise is coming from.

Next, take it up a notch. Keep the engine sounds, and then start showing images. Images of people's heads turning as the car flies by them making that spectacular sound. Images of otherwise serene, peaceful locales being completely and utterly thrown upside down by the sound of that glorious engine, and then fade to another image of the Viper logo. But no images of the car itself... not just yet.

For the next round, show a dash cam of the car tearing up a track, complete with glorious V10 soundtrack. Show it blowing by Corvettes, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and what not. And then, at the end of the track video, show the driver walking away, with a shadow of part of the car present on the ground at his feet. Then, again, fade to an image of the Viper logo.

From there, the next commercial would be a brief compilation of 5-second clips from all the prior commercials, and then flashes of the body itself. Not the entire thing. Just quick glimpses of the wheel arch, the air intakes, the headlight, etc. Again, with that glorious V10 soundtrack playing all the while, followed, once more, by a fade to the Viper logo

And then unveil the gawddamn thing at the venue of your choice and be done with it.

But this throw a couple of meaningless pictures up on the internet over the course of four months? This is what we call bullshit. Is your heart in this at all? Are you excited about this car at all? Do you actually want this thing to succeed? Do you actually want people to care that this car is coming out?

If you do, you sure as hell aren't acting like it.

So, yeah, no tip for you.