Many claim there's little doubt the current 3-series is the ugliest car in BMW's history. Furthermore, those same folks claim it's awkward and not aging well. Realizing that, and according to the lads at Motor Authority, BMW is changing course big time. Most notable in this design preview are the cues borrowed from everyone's favorite Shanghai surprise, the CS Concept. Note the front end is lifted almost exactly from the CS, though the renderings for the 3-series have much sharper, 5-series influenced headlights. The hood is also inflated to protect the pedestrians of Europe, only it doesn't look awful. The rear is a best-case evolution of the 7-series's bustled butt. The proposed 3 looks good in profile, too. Is this preview accurate? Who knows, but boy oh boy would it be a big step in the right direction.


Preview: Next-gen BMW 3-series [Motor Authority]

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