BMW Bosses Greenlight New 3-Series Crossover, AutoWeek Says

AutoWeek sources have spoken. BMW bosses have greenlit a new crossover model based on the 3-Series platform. Reportedly to be dubbed F3, the new model will compete with the Mercedes B-Class, but will be sold in the US by decade's end. What's the point? Market research voodoo points to consumers' desire for utility-oriented vehicles that don't guzzle like Hasselhoff. But many younger buyers, the thinking goes, are turned off by station wagon, SUV and minivan constructs. The new model will share components with the X3, AW says, and power will come from a raft of new fours and sixes. Put us down for a V8-powered MF3, hold the IKEA lamps.

F3 Gets a Go [AutoWeek]

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