BMW is pushing to improve fuel efficiency of its entire fleet by using hybrid-like tech in its traditionally powered cars. That's kit like brake regeneration, engine stop-start and tricks like low-resistance tires. The first of the Bayerische line to get such features are the European 5-Series and 1-Series models, and the company has gone on record that its entire lineup will be similarly appointed. Now, word is the 3-Series is next in line, according to Dutch magazine Autovisie. BMW says the system, which employs decelerative engine braking (not brake pads) to charge a beefed-up battery and uses a clutch to unhook the alternator from the engine during acceleration, saves a few percentages of fuel and improves performance. It's part of the company's wider "Efficent Dynamics" program, which has nothing at all to do with Neal Peart.

Updated BMW 3-series next in line to get Brake Energy Regeneration tech [Motor Authority]


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